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Sisters of Bon Secours -- God's Call to Serve Begins Here

Catholic Vocation Information

What is God calling you to do with your life? What is your deepest desire? How can you best serve others? What will bring you fulfillment?

What I am is God’s gift to me. What I become is my gift to God.

Those words bring to mind how we are all called in unique ways to live our lives, to serve Christ and one another. Discovering just what our spiritual and lifes calling is, and which paths we are to take is both exciting and challenging. As we talk about religious life in this section some of the terms we use may be unfamiliar to you.

Click here for a glossary of terms used in this section.

Our Director Welcomes You

Sister Pat Dowling welcomes new novices, Srs. Chris and Carol

How do I begin the spiritual journey that God’s calling me to?

We encourage you to ask many questions about religious life and whether it’s the path you’re being asked to follow. We look forward to hearing from you by phone, letter, or email. Sr. Pat Dowling, our vocation director, will try to respond to you within twenty-hours, spending considerable time on the phone with you and sending you material about our religious community and articles about religious life and prayer to stimulate your thinking and discernment further. She will share many things about becoming a sister and what life is like in the Bon Secours community.

When you feel ready, a visit is a great way to explore religious life and to get to know us personally. 

If you aren’t already seeing a spiritual director, Sr. Pat will suggest you begin meeting with one monthly. A spiritual director can help you to listen more deeply to your inner spiritual voice. We’ll be happy to help you find one if needed. Read more about Spiritual Direction.

A consistent prayer life is crucial to discernment. You must take time to listen to what God has to say. To know what lies in your heart. Without prayer the journey is pointless.

Here are simple ways to get started in prayer.

CLICK HERE to hear Sister Pat Dowling, CBS, Vocation Director discuss discernment and religious life on the Busted Halo Radio Show.

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